Virtual Earth Screensaver

Virtual Earth Screensaver

Virtual Earth Screensaver - a great possibility to take a trip around the world

Virtual Earth Screensaver is a great possibility to take a trip around the world. You can have a bird’s eye views and see satellite photos of earth. Virtual Earth Screensaver provides you with only real photos without montage. You will see unforgettable sights, visit different countries, interesting places, excellent buildings, roads and so on. Moreover, every picture contains a piece of information about the objects placed on it. So, you can also learn many interesting facts.
The screensaver is powered by a unique screen saver engine and lets you adjust the time between the images change, feed update time, and see pictures in its original size. In addition, you can change the images manually using Page Up/Page Down keys when the screensaver is running. It supports many RSS feeds with constantly updated content. In the Settings window you will find two default feeds from Virtual Globetrotting and Birdseye tourist web sites. Besides, there is the link to the Live Search Map web site at the bottom of the picture, where you can see this current scene in the form of the map. The screensaver works on computers with .Net Framework 2.0.

Julia Galygo
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  • Supports many RSS feeds
  • The content is constantly updated
  • Lets you adjust image and feed update time
  • Supports Live Search Map


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